Program Name: Queen City Early Childhood Center    License/Registration ID: 837687

 Program Overview
Contact Name: Cherish Y. Davis Contact Title: Director
Program Type: Day Care Center Status: Open
School District: Buffalo
Site Address: Map
3242 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214
First Licensed/Registration Date: Mar 29, 2019
Current Registration Period: Mar 29, 2019 - Mar 28, 2021
Phone: (716) 833-0138
Fax: (716) 833-0182
Total Capacity: 55
-Infants: 8
-Toddlers: 18
-Preschool: 17
-School age: 12
Care available during non-traditional hours: Yes
Removed from referral list: No

For additional information on this program and compliance history, contact
Office: Buffalo Regional Office
Phone: (716) 847-3828

 Inspection History: (Inspections since Mar 29, 2019)

Date Inspection Type Inspection ID Inspection Result  
Nov 23, 2020 Complaint 2020-I-BRO-038584 Violations Found
Sep 28, 2020 Fire Safety - Other 2020-I-BRO-034804 Violations Found
Inspection Conducted Off-Site
Aug 26, 2020 Complaint 2020-I-BRO-031762 No violations cited for this Inspection
May 21, 2020 Complaint 2020-I-BRO-027925 Violations Found
Mar 13, 2020 Complaint 2020-I-BRO-024988 Violations Found
Feb 6, 2020 Complaint 2020-I-BRO-020481 Violations Found
Jan 3, 2020 Fire Safety - Alternate Year 2020-I-BRO-000146 Violations Found
Dec 19, 2019 Monitoring 2019-I-BRO-066538 No violations cited for this Inspection
Jul 2, 2019 Monitoring 2019-I-BRO-033599 Violations Found
Apr 23, 2019 Monitoring 2019-I-BRO-021709 Violations Found

*Inspections may be conducted outside of program operating hours and/or off-site(where inspector was not on premises where care is provided) for the following reasons:
-Record/File Review
-Interviewing of Staff
-Or Other Investigative Reasons

 Compliance History
Date of Last Inspection: Nov 23, 2020 Currently uncorrected violations: None
Date Regulation Description Compliance Status as of last inspection
Nov 23, 2020 418-1.8(k) The supervision ratios are as follows: Corrected
Nov 23, 2020 418-1.8(l)(11) Day care centers that have been approved to operate a school-age children component in their day care center may only mix school age children with pre-school children at the very beginning of the day and the very end of the day. School age children may never be mixed with pre-school children for the entire period of time they are in care at the center. Corrected
Sep 28, 2020 418-1.4(f)(2) All corridors, aisles, and approaches to exits must be kept unobstructed at all times. Corrected
May 21, 2020 418-1.8(a) Children cannot be left without competent supervision at any time. Competent supervision includes awareness of and responsibility for the ongoing activity of each child. It requires that all children be within a teacher's range of vision and that the teacher be near enough to respond when redirection or intervention strategies are needed. Competent supervision must take into account the child's age emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Corrected
Mar 13, 2020 418-1.8(k)(3)(i) for children between ages 18 months old and 36 months old: there must be one teacher for every five children; Corrected
Feb 6, 2020 418-1.4(b)(4) The program must maintain on file a record of each evacuation drill conducted, using forms furnished by the Office or approved equivalents. Corrected
Jan 3, 2020 418-1.15(c)(33) The program must maintain on file at the child day care center, available for inspection by the Office or its designees at any time, the following records in a current and accurate manner: documentation from the local government authority having jurisdiction for determining compliance with the Fire and Building Code of New York State showing that the facility has been inspected and approved once every 12 months during the current license period for compliance with the applicable fire safety provisions of the Fire and Building Code of New York State; Corrected
Jul 2, 2019 418-1.4(h) The director or a designated qualified staff member must conduct monthly inspections of the premises to observe possible fire or safety hazards. Any such hazard must be corrected immediately. Corrected
Jul 2, 2019 418-1.14(n) Every director, teacher, and volunteer with the potential for regular and substantial contact with children in care must complete Office-approved training that complies with the federal minimum health and safety pre-service or three-month orientation period training requirements. Corrected
Apr 23, 2019 418-1.13(b)(2) the names, addresses and day time telephone numbers of at least three acceptable references, other than relatives, at least one of whom can verify employment history, work record and qualifications, and at least one of whom can attest to the applicant's character, habits and personal qualifications to be a child day care center staff member; Corrected
Apr 23, 2019 418-1.15(c)(6) children's health records, including parental consents for emergency medical treatment, child's medical statement and immunizations; any available results of lead screening; the name and dosage of any medications used by a child and the frequency of administration of such medications; and a record of their administration by child day care center staff; and a record of illnesses, injuries and any indicators of child abuse or maltreatment; Corrected
*Violations are posted on this web site after the inspection results have been finalized in a report mailed to the provider. Violations are listed here as 'Corrected' after the Office has verified corrections with the provider, and a letter confirming the corrections has been mailed to the provider.
For additional information on this program and compliance history, contact
Office: Buffalo Regional Office
Phone: (716) 847-3828

 Enforcement History
The New York State Office of Children and Family Services uses a range of tools to help bring child care programs into compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

The enforcement actions listed on this website only include denial, revocation or suspension of a child care program's license or registration. Fines are not shown on this website. OCFS stops referring families to the program if a program's license or registration is closed, revoked or suspended.

Other enforcement actions such as Corrective action plans and fines are not shown on this website.
Enforcement Actions since January, 2016: None