Program Name: Benderskaya, Lyudmila    License/Registration ID: 801996

 Program Overview
Contact Name: Lyudmila Benderskaya Contact Title: On-Site Provider
Program Type: Group Family Day Care Status: Closed: Revoked  <
Jun 27, 2022 <
School District: Brooklyn 22
Site Address: Map
2764 East 16th street, Apt. 1-F, 1st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11235
First Licensed/Registration Date: Aug 29, 2017
Current Registration Period: Aug 29, 2019 - Aug 28, 2023
Phone: (347) 371-9370
Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children
  (there must be one caregiver for every two children under the age of two years in attendance)
Open Child Care Slots*:

* Important Note: This child care provider has not provided enrollment information for posting on the OCFS website.

To learn about current openings, please contact the program directly.

Care available during non-traditional hours: No
Removed from referral list: Yes

For additional information on this program and compliance history, contact
Office: New York City Dept. of Health - Regional Office
Phone: (718) 222-6399
For additional details and to view the checklist used during an inspection, please click on the Inspection ID links below. Inspection checklists are generated per inspection type and reason. Also note, that any regulatory requirement can be assessed and cited during an inspection and as a result, may not be reflected on the inspection checklist. These items would be reflected in the program's compliance history that is posted.

 Inspection History: (Inspections in the past 24 months)

Date Inspection Type Inspection ID Inspection Result  
Feb 9, 2021 Annual Unannounced 2021-I-NYCDOH-012427 Violations Found
Additional Inspection History

*Inspections may be conducted outside of program operating hours and/or off-site(where inspector was not on premises where care is provided) for the following reasons:
-Record/File Review
-Interviewing of Staff
-Or Other Investigative Reasons

 Compliance History
Date of Last Inspection: Oct 14, 2022 Currently uncorrected violations: None
Date Regulation Description Compliance Status as of last inspection
Feb 9, 2021 416.14(m) All child care programs must have at least one caregiver who holds a valid certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid on the premises of the child care program during the program's operating hours. Corrected
*Violations are posted on this web site after the inspection results have been finalized in a report mailed to the provider. Violations are listed here as 'Corrected' after the Office has verified corrections with the provider, and a letter confirming the corrections has been mailed to the provider.
For additional information on this program and compliance history, contact
Office: New York City Dept. of Health - Regional Office
Phone: (718) 222-6399

 Enforcement History
The New York State Office of Children and Family Services uses a range of tools to help bring child care programs into compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

The enforcement actions listed on this website only include denial, revocation or suspension of a child care program's license or registration. Fines are not shown on this website. OCFS stops referring families to the program if a program's license or registration is closed, revoked or suspended.

Other enforcement actions such as Corrective action plans and fines are not shown on this website.
Enforcement Actions since December, 2017: Yes