Program Name: Teddy Bear Day Care    License/Registration ID: 168446

 Program Overview
Contact Name: Marsha A. Coy Contact Title: On-Site Provider
Program Type: Group Family Day Care Status: Open
School District: Batavia City
Site Address: Map
25 Pearl Street, Batavia, NY 14020
First Licensed/Registration Date: Jun 25, 2003
Current Registration Period: Jun 25, 2019 - Jun 24, 2023
Phone: (585) 344-4130
Fax: (585) 343-5735
Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 4 additional school-aged children
  (there must be one caregiver for every two children under the age of two years in attendance)
Care available during non-traditional hours: No
Removed from referral list: No
This facility is approved to administer medications.

For additional information on this program and compliance history, contact
Office: Buffalo Regional Office
Phone: (716) 847-3828

 Inspection History: (Inspections in the past 24 months)

Date Inspection Type Inspection ID Inspection Result  
Jan 9, 2020 Annual Unannounced 2020-I-BRO-003366 No violations cited for this Inspection
Aug 1, 2019 Monitoring 2019-I-BRO-038689 No violations cited for this Inspection
May 29, 2019 Application - Renewal 2019-I-BRO-008008 No violations cited for this Inspection
Feb 6, 2019 Monitoring 2019-I-BRO-006845 No violations cited for this Inspection
Nov 27, 2018 Monitoring 2018-I-BRO-059479 No violations cited for this Inspection
Jul 19, 2018 Monitoring 2018-I-BRO-037413 No violations cited for this Inspection
Additional Inspection History

*Inspections may be conducted outside of program operating hours and/or off-site(where inspector was not on premises where care is provided) for the following reasons:
-Record/File Review
-Interviewing of Staff
-Or Other Investigative Reasons

 Compliance History
Date of Last Inspection: Jan 9, 2020 Currently uncorrected violations: None
Violations in the past 24 months and any uncorrected violations open longer than 24 months: None

 Enforcement History
The New York State Office of Children and Family Services uses a range of tools to help bring child care programs into compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

The enforcement actions listed on this website only include denial, revocation or suspension of a child care program's license or registration. Fines are not shown on this website. OCFS stops referring families to the program if a program's license or registration is closed, revoked or suspended.

Other enforcement actions such as Corrective action plans and fines are not shown on this website.
Enforcement Actions since June, 2015: None